Last chapter of the anti-Bible, to let the Illuminati religion deny the basic facts of the Bible. From grotesque mockery to the deadly serious final suicide act.

Jan 31, 2017

Harry Potter slams Last Trumpets with 1 satanic biblical tweet - JK Rowling again: for dummies

UK Petition against Trump's visit: this psy-op is a straightforward method to fill the registry supplying the "internment camps", this time not for muslims and non-whites only but also for anyone deemed as dissident.
Talk of the UK and death camps:

J.K. Rowling slams Donald Trump, Mike Pence with 1 biblical tweet: for dummies
Fake writer J.K. Rowling (fake name comes from OWL, same as NFL's SUPERB OWL) illustrates her role as suicide bomber, in a parallel script to Meryl Streep.
In other words: paradoxically pretending to bomb another illuminati suicide bomber duo, these ones playing one and the same role: Last Trumpe(nce)ts.
Explanation: the target of Rowling's bomb is not one of Trump's suicide missions part of his coming full detonation but rather a classic illuminati bombing mission.
In other words: an anti-bible's Last Trumpets mission, part of the terminate the USA and Global Genocide agendas. 

J.K. Rowling slams Donald Trump after presidential debate
Oct 10, 2016

J.K. Rowling slams Mike Pence with 1 biblical tweet
January 30, 2017

Truman Capote - fake identity, same as J.K.Rowling, didn't write any of "his" books

Jul 2016 - From Nice, France to Vice, USA
Manhunt from muslims to blacks: Undeniable evidence: 
Miss Alabama and Trumpence on stage on a day Of Last Trumpets in the illuminati anti-bible: all predicted 2009

Psy-op part of the same agenda as these manufactured "news": Watch: Lamb Born With Seven Legs Killed By Flock Who Wouldn't Accept It.
Trump mocks disabled reporter psy-op: Meryl Streep, official actress, casted in script's climax 
Agendas: From legalize genocide of undesirable (from specifically fomenting hatred against handicapped to lowering the acceptable age to be "euthanized" to setting the stage for a "black list in show business".

Talk of Superbowl at the end of the show:
"Patriot('s) Tom Brady" casted as illuminati icon who will now fully detonate.
The act "very last Superbowl" had already to be postponed again and again.
Seattle Seahawks alias the superb owl hidden in plain signt, will be proclaimed "the real very last champions in 2014", everyone else ever since stripped of their titles.
From hero to zero, stripped of, first woman leading: END OF SHOW series