Last chapter of the anti-Bible, to let the Illuminati religion deny the basic facts of the Bible. From grotesque mockery to the deadly serious final suicide act.

Dec 25, 2008

Iranian agent president AHMADINEJAD replaces Queen as TV messenger in LAST CHRISTMAS in illuminati anti-Bible

Satanic Celebrations of Last Christmas in Illuminati anti-Bible or Fake v Real Armageddon

Why do the desperate Illuminati use iranian agent AHMADINEJAD in CHRISTMAS message

All illuminati agents, from Iranian President AHMADINEJAD - replacing the Queen, Bush's "mother", in the TV very last "Christmas supper" (1) message served at the UK slaughterhouse (2) - to "Palestinian" President ABBAS, from Natzinger (aka Pope Benedict XVI) to Israel's Minister Livni (3), are called on stage for a special appeareance, to "celebrate" the LAST Christmas in Illuminati End Times, while continuing to use the "Armageddon is the destruction of Israel" chapter of the Illuminati anti-Bible to divert from REAL Armageddon.

Note that you will not be able to grasp these few lines unless you are aware of a few illuminati core lies. (4)
Now prove that you got those few lines, i.e. that you grasped what those core lies are, by answering a few questions, where the answer to any of these questions is one line.

For a start:
1- What is the REAL Armageddon?

(1) COOKING television series drastically increased - the HORRIBLE TRUTH why

(2) Satanic Celebration Packaged as Illuminati Joke: "Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Christ would have been on our side" is the headline for the "Christmas message" at Channel 4 TV station, in Times Online December 24, 2008.
By the way, the illuminati used another satanic celebration in 2006 to let Bush reveal a few things, including that the Queen is his"mother", and the fate of Prince William, the VERY LAST "black sheep".
(3) -  Livni's role is "threatening" the Hamas at the end of each day where another hundred bombs were launched from Gaza using as targets the same jewish settlers that the illuminati agents expelled from Gaza in August 2005. After comes another repetition of the script "Despite Israel murdering scores of poor civilians that will not stop the palestinian resisters to continue defend themselves", i.e. the muslim terrorists will continue to bomb jewish settlements in Israel, the only "change" being that that it all is upscaled with yet more bombs and hits yet closer to Tel-Aviv.
The "Israel" (i.e. the illuminati agents in control) v. "Palestinians" hoax, aka the Israel War on Terror Hoax:

(4) Begin at any of these pages to put together those core lies.
a) 1914 trenches to Detroit 2008: the lights went out to be never ...
b) Illuminati and last desperate "Christmas" Satanic Celebrations at ... Sarajevo
c) Why senator Obama impeached only after results declared and before becoming President

Nov 6, 2008

Obamanation of last anti-christ vs. Abomination of Desolation, Matt 24:15, Mark 13:4

Obamanation of last antichrist in the anti-Bible vs. Abomination of Desolation in the Bible

This is how the Illuminati Religion stages Matthew 24:15 and Mark 13:4, Abomination of Desolation (1), in their anti-Bible: (2)
"African American" alias "African" "Barack Hussein Obama II", "candidate" elected "president" beating "rival" "candidate" McCain, who got "52 million" "votes", in an "election" with "close" "results". (3)

Illuminati endless deception while staging "the Obamanation of the last antichrist", aka Hillary Clinton "elected", the last face of the last antichrist. (4)

(1) Mark 13:4
And when you shall see the abomination of desolation, standing where it ought not (he that readeth let him understand): then let them that are in Judea flee unto the mountains.
Matthew 24:15
When therefore you shall see the abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place: he that readeth let him understand.
(2) Last chapters of the anti-Bible, to let the Illuminati religion deny the basic facts of the Bible. From mockery, reaching the utter limits of grotesque in Illuminati End Times... to the final suicide act  And that one is deadly serious.
(3) Quotes denote what is used in the illuminati script as official truth and is in fact a hoax, or in two words: almost everything.
Note that some of what is officially truth becomes officially a hoax at a later chapter in script. But each time, the new staged "truth" must also be a hoax, to fulfill the principles of the illuminati religion.
Example: after the Supreme Court will rule "Obama" ineligible (4), still before December 15, Obama will officially be changed from "African American" to "African", since at that point he will officially begin playing the role that he is a Kenyan, by confessing the "forgery" of his birth certificate.
In fact, using the parallel information societies framework, the Illuminati offer the only credible proof about Obama: he is an Arab-American/Caucasian, and only 6.25% African-Negro. Because in the United States you must be at least 1/8 (12.5%) of the race you are claiming to be, this is used to let you understand that Barack cannot claim to be ethnically African-American.

(3a) Arab-American/Caucasian Obama symbology denotes the Illuminatzi-muslim tactic alliance, in the final battle of Armageddon against Russia.

(4) The full Obomber Obamessiah Obsama Nobama alias Barry alias Steve script