Last chapter of the anti-Bible, to let the Illuminati religion deny the basic facts of the Bible. From grotesque mockery to the deadly serious final suicide act.

Mar 25, 2010

Why illuminati try to exterminate Jews

Why illuminati desperately try to exterminate the Jews
1948 - Illuminati in disbelief
Stalingrad 1943 was illuminati's greatest military defeat ever. Illuminati's greatest religious defeat ever came 5 years later.
Three years after Stalin and the people from the Soviet Union had put an end to the Holocaust and against all odds the jews proclaimed the state of Israel. 

Illuminati must prove the Bible wrong
The satanic illuminati religion diametrically denies the Bible except for the belief that there was a Creator.
Heliocentrism and Evolution prove the Bible wrong only in the eyes of the human cattle not in the eyes of the illuminati who created both hoaxes to precisely turn people into cattle.

Extermination of the Jews is the ONLY UNDENIABLE way to prove the Bible wrong.
The Bible is bound up with the existence of the Jewish people as a physical collective entity.
This is why the Illuminati, more precisely Grand Master Adolf Hitler, launched the holocaust in sync with "the war to end all wars".

The Bible is bound up with the existence of the Jewish people as a physical collective entity.
Genesis 17:7
" My covenant between Me and you and your descendants after you in their generations, for an everlasting covenant,".

Isaiah 49:6
" to be My servant, to establish the tribes of Jacob, and to restore the scions of Israel, and I shall submit you as a light unto the nations, to be My salvation until the end of the earth".

To what lengths US / EU governments go to censor TRUTH about Auschwitz concentration camps and Holocaust: Guido Knopp milestone series from 2000 NEVER again broadcasted and beyond

Illuminati hoaxes to disprove the Bible, give credibility to the religions and religious sects created by the iluminati for the human cattle and in the process also to destroy logical reasoning:
Illuminati miracles, from heliocentrism to evolution:

Why illuminati created other religions and religious sects

How to recognize an illuminati puppet government - Reduced to the simplest form, an IF test:
If the government is part of the agenda "destruction of Israel" and "extermination of the jews".

Illuminati supplied Assad with one of the world's largest arsenals of chemical weapons (and Iran with long range missiles) to wipe Israel off the map.
At the end of the day it was used to enter the last stage of World War III: illuminazi puppet govs bombing the own civilians.
Sept 2013: Syria's Assad chemical weapons: Netanyahu & Co: Silence or even Optimism about ... the destruction of Israel