Last chapter of the anti-Bible, to let the Illuminati religion deny the basic facts of the Bible. From grotesque mockery to the deadly serious final suicide act.

Mar 28, 2016

Easter crucifixions figurative and real crucifixions, real and fake battles: USA to Yemen, Srebrenica to Palmyra. And again no mock resurrection.

All scripts exposed by Last Prophet in advance: from years ((fake Karadzic) to nearly one year (Palmyra) and weeks (crucifixions of Cruz in the US and of catholic priest in Yemen).
All echoed by nobody
 until finally all fulfilled on Easter 2016.

Easter 2016: Satanic celebration of ongoing and coming genocide, starting with freedom loving syrians, christians
- Figurative and real crucifixions: fake hispanic Ted Cruz (cross) to catholic priest, USA to Yemen. 
- Real battle to 10 years proclamation of fake genocide during a fake battle: Srebrenica 1995 to fake Karadzic sentenced and fake liberation of Palmyra. 
- And again no mock resurrection: illuminati forced to postpone "Osama Bin Laden rises from the Indian Ocean crucifoied to the missing Boeing 777" for the FIFTH year.

Illuminati celebrate Easter 2016:
Fake genocide proclaimed, fake liberation; figurative and real crucifixions. And again NO resurrection.
- Hague: "Srebrenica: Karadzic first one to be sentenced for genocide at the International Court for War Crimes, created in 1993 in response to large-scale atrocities committed by armed forces during Yugoslav Wars ", the 17th anniversary of the start of the bombing of Serbia.
- Assad and Russa, presented first time as also with ground troops, liberate Palmyra from ISIS 
- "presidential candidate" Ted Cruz (cross) figuratively crucified (countless secret mistresses and children revealed), part of setting stage for mahunt for hispanics:
- catholoc priest kidnapped by ISIS during nuns masssacre in Yemen 3 weeks earlier crucified on Holy Friday 

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Hoaxes by the illuminati: From Srebrenica, a real battle and a fake massacre, to Palmyra, 20 years later a fake battle and a real genocide
May 2015 Palmyra, Syria: fake capture by ISIS, real genocide, COMING "liberation"
Palmyra, Syria 2015 = remake of Bamyan Buddhas, Afghanistan 2001
Palmyra: fake battle, real genocide

For the "Srebrenica genocide, 1995" hoax, start one year earlier:
Illuminati milestones: fake mass blood to start "humanitarian wars" starts 1994, Markale market, Sarajevo
"Coincidentally" at the city selected by the illuminati to start the grande finale, 80 years earlier.

March 4, 2016
End Times Information Process about the Sunni and Christian Genocide: 
March 2016 - Yemen: Aden nuns: false flag, real blood after countless fake Sanaa suicide bombings: 
Fake war Assad/Iran/Russia & US led coalition vs ISIS pales in comparison with the fake war in "Saudi led coalition vs Houthis" in Yemen

"Osama resurrects in Jerusalem" - why missing Boeing 777 script postponed, modified
Show to end all shows:  Introduction: First act was scripted for one year before the last!!
Explanation reads like a chronicle of how illuminati overtime was extended after the original end date, Easter Sunday 2012.
Published days after Easter Sunday 2015
After 1,000 articles in 100 blogs, this was the first and so far only one to include an exclamation mark.
Explanation for Easter Sunday 2016 added together with the second one.